Transparent Process

Methodical Process

We follow a very thorough selection process in this niche market. Personnel and candidate referrals, job boards, databases (both our own and subscription), professional and social networking sites, CV researching and reporting, initial and secondary screening are all fundamental aspects of our process. Our methodical approach also retains flexibility and can be fine-tuned or broadened as required.

Client And Candidate Perspective

We follow a strict internal process that fosters a close relationship by prioritizing the career aspirations of our candidates. This puts us in a unique position to understand the relevance of their experience, motivations and personality type. At FindTechTalent, we endeavor to meet every client face-to-face to establish business requirements, answer questions and set clear interview and hiring milestones. By defining these expectations, we become a bespoke Data Science & IT recruiter and representative of the client. Understanding the client and candidate perspective is a cornerstone of successful recruitment, and the reason why we retain so many of our clients.

We think of this a playing Jig Saw puzzle, the pieces really need to fit well together so as to bring growth for both you (Client) and your future Employees (Candidates).